Show Jumpers with style!

It isn’t a shock that the designer of a horse card game for adults would love the style of International Show Jumper Dani Goldstein!

My response to this card would be : That feathers in your hair rock! 
Love how Dani Goldstein rides and her style! You rock Dani and Equestrians Against Normalcy loves you! 
Photo shared from Daniel Bluman Official post and PC@phelpsmediagroup 

So many new decks and a new equestrian game!!

We are excited to announce that last seasons hit Equestrian Game Equestrians Against Normalcy,  as reviewed in Horse Nation now has many new decks available! The original Jump Off Decks which are mostly hj/eventing/dressage based, The Whole Herd Decks which are a hit for any horse lover regardless of discipline, and our discipline specific decks: Extreme Eventer, Dressage Diva, Hunter Princess, and Bling It On the western pleasure deck. The perfect gift for the adult equestrian in your life. Also available from the makers of EAN is Stable Showdown the equestrian themed game of skill, luck, and spite. So pretty much real life..

The Whole Herd Deck

Looking for something with less english riding based cards  but still non discipline specific? The Whole Herd Deck is the one for you! It has cards for everyone! To learn more about it check it out here on EAN, or you can jump on over to Game Crafter where you can purchase it. 

The minds that brought you EAN now bring you Stable Showdown!

What is Stable Showdown you ask? It is a table (or hay bale)top equestrian game of skill, chance, and spite. So pretty much real life.

In the world of Stable Showdown you want to fill your stalls with good horses, send the bad horses to the other stables (players), collect perks to make your facility worth more, and try to have the most blue ribbons at the end of the game. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well you need to be careful what stalls you fill with what horses, as there are some you don’t want near each other or you will suffer the wrath of losing ribbons. There are also those wonderful cards that destroy your Perks, steal your grooms, and send your workers running for other employment.

Stable Showdown brings all the fun and insanity of the horse world to your house, office, show, and more. Designed to be played with 2 or more players and for ages 13 and up. Make sure to keep an eye on our FB page for updates on the game, when we are looking for testers, and even more importantly when you can order and join in on the fun! For updates on when the game will be available and for contests make sure to follow and like us on our Facebook Page   

Our Western Pleasure Deck is now available!

Ah Western Pleasure. Beautiful horses with thick fake tails, enough bling to blind the judge, and competitors using more hair spray than an 80’s rock band. But it is not all glitz and glamour. Did your horse bolt during the bit check? Forget to pack your fake tail? Pass out from the heat due to your show clothes? Grab your friends and play a round of EAN to help ease the pain.

Bling It On EAN’s Western Pleasure Deck is perfect for killing time during shows, while you hang out in the stable, relax with friends, or are hiding from your trainer. So if you are looking for a horse card game this is a must have for the Western Pleasure lover in your life. You can play the Bling It On deck on it’s own or combine it with any of the other EAN decks for longer game play.

Click here to order our new Western Pleasure Deck

And if you are new to our page don’t forget to check out our What is Equestrians Against Normalcy page to learn more, and to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and Giveaways!

Bling It On! EAN is going WESTERN!

EAN has gone western with our soon to be released Western Pleasure themed deck Bling It On. Do you love western pleasure? Do you love EAN? Need a laugh after a long day of showing? You will love Bling It On! Keep an eye on our website, facebook page, and Instagram for it’s release!  

Our Hunter Jumper Deck is now available!

EAN loves all disciplines and this one is for the hunter jumper riders and lovers out there!

Clinician made you cry? Pulled a rail? Got dumped at the jump? We’ve been there too. So Equestrians Against Normalcy is doing our part by providing a card game made just for the Hunter Jumper crowd. Check out our Hunter Princess Deck

Hunter Princess Deck coming soon!

For those of you that follow us on Facebook you know we have been in the process of trying to get the Hunter Princess Deck available for purchase. We are just waiting on a couple more things but I promise it will be available soon! This deck is for the hunter jumper riders out there to help you cope with the last clinic you rode in, the last jump your horse refused, and the last horse bill you got.  Till it is released don’t forget to check out our Eventing Deck, Dressage Decks, and our non discipline specific Jump Off Decks. You can also just jump on over to Game Crafter which is the only place to purchase our game.