Wow! We are just so thrilled with how many people are excited about their games they have coming! EAN has now been sold to people in the USA, Canada, UK, AU, and NZ!!!!! Trying very hard to get back to everyone about any questions they have about the game and orders. I am very thankful I went with the company we did so that they could be shipped to anyone who wanted one and not run out of stock.

I’ve just been blown away by the response, I’m not sure if I’m more nervous now though! I hope everyone has hours of fun playing Equestrians Against Normalcy.

2 thoughts on “Wow!”

  1. Hello! my name is Cami and i have an equestrian boutique and would LOVE to buy several games from you for my shop!
    it would be such a huge hit! hopefully we can get an order together i am so excited! my shop is new and making it not only for apparel but a lifestyle store…unique and fun equestrian items. this game would be PERFECT!! it would help se my store apart from the rest no doubt 🙂

    1. Hi Cami! Thanks for stopping by, good luck with your store. I don’t think there can ever be enough local tack stores!

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